Nutritious Raw Energy Bars

At the moment, I’m trying to eat cleaner. Reducing wheat and sugar intake isn’t easy these days but I think these little nuggets will help cope with hungry moments.

Lots of great nutrients here. Protein, calcium, manganese, magnesium and antioxidants to name a few!

Nutritious Raw Energy Bars




Soak the chia seeds in 1/4 cup water for 5-10 minutes to create a gel.

Mix the seeds, nuts, nibs, coconut oil, cacao powder and chia gel together in a blender. Blitz till well mixed, then add the raisins and blitz again. How long you blitz them together is up to you.


Spread into lined square dish pressing firmly.


Freeze for about an hour.

Carefully cut into squares and keep in freezer.


Not sure these will be a favourite with the Grandkids but they’re quite light, chewey with a hint of sweetness when you bite into those chocolate raisins! Ready in a couple of minutes straight from the freezer.

Try different ingredients – add goji berries or other dried fruit in replacement to the chocolate raisins.  A few chopped dates would add sweetness and chewiness.  What would you add? Let us know in the comments.

Be well,  Kim

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Tigernut Courgette Chocolate Brownies

I love chocolate brownies and love them even more if they are reasonably healthy – which these are (as in full of good nutrients, but still high in calories so eat sparingly!)

tigernut veg brownies 2

These are made with Tigernut flour which is actually made from a root vegetable, high in Vitamin E and Omega 9, a natural pre-biotic, high in fibre, and high in resistant starch which makes them a perfect food for gut health, weight control and good digestion.

Find out more here Tiger_Nuts_info


125g Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

250g Organic Raw cane or Coconut Palm Sugar

1-2 tsp vanilla extract

250g sieved Tigernut Flour

50g Organic Raw Chocolate Cacao Powder

1 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

1 tsp Himalayan Salt

180 – 200g Organic Courgettes (peeled & grated)

100g Organic Dark Chocolate (I like 85%) (chopped)

tigernut veg brownies 1


  1. Preheat oven to 180 C / Gas 4. Grease & line a tin (mine was 8.5 x 11″)
  2. Gentle melt the coconut oil and mix together with the sugar & vanilla.
  3. Combine the flour, cacao powder with the bicarbonate of soda & salt. Stir into the sugar mixture.
  4. Fold in the courgette, then the chopped chocolate
  5. Spread evenly in the tin & bake for about 25-30 minutes.
  6. Allow to cool for quite a while (as quite crumbly) before turning out. The 2nd time I baked these, I let cool then put in fridge for an hour before carefully cutting.

tigernut veg brownies 3

I personally prefer these when they are cut into small pieces, put in a freezer bag  and frozen. When I want one, I just take one out, give it 5 minutes then eat. Dense, chewy and chocolatey heaven! (with a hint of coconut) My Grandkids love them.🙂

Be well,  Kim

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5 Uses for Fractionated Coconut Oil

I love fractionated coconut oil as it so light. It soaks into your skin easily, great for conditioning hair and handy for making eye make remover.


1. Rub gently into skin as a moisturiser after a bath or shower. It’s light and will quickly soak into your skin.

2. Once a week, use a small amount and massage into hair. You can leave it on overnight (I hear it doesn’t stain your pillowcase) or, like me, apply for 1-2 hours before showering, then wash as normal. I still use conditioner after shampooing. Your hair will feel soft and silky and helps tame frizzy, flyaway and static hair. (Rub into your scalp to help ease itchy and flaky scalps. Gentle enough to use on babies.)

3. Homemade eye make up remover

2 tsps filtered water,  2 tsps fractionated coconut oil and 3 tsps witch-hazel. Mix and pour into a squirty pot (like a previous eye makeup remover thoroughly cleaned)  I make up just enough to fill the bottle and make new a batch as needed. No nasty toxins, effective and easy to make and use. Remember to shake bottle before pouring into bottle else alot of the oil will get left behind and to shake well before use so you get a good blend that isn’t too oily. Less oil and the witchhazel in the mix can sting the eyes (I know this through experimenting!!)

4. Fragrant oil for massage or as perfume –

Add a few drops of your favourite aromatherapy oil – mine is Ylang Ylang and store in a pot ready for use. You could also use this mix in a bath.

5. Cooking. Fractionated oil is made from whole coconut so it doesn’t have the full health and nutritional value but can be very handy in cooking when you need a liquid oil such as making fresh mayonnaise, frying and baking. No taste either, so very versatile.

Pure virgin coconut oil    is great for using when replacing solid fats like butter (or use half and half). It can taste coconutty so experiment. It can also be used as a moisturiser and I often use in small pots with aromatherapy oils like lavender as a salve. Although solid in appearance, it starts to melt once in your hands.

coconut oil

Let me know how you use your fractionated coconut oil in the comment box below. I’d love to know.:-)

Be well,


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Tigernut Chocolate Chip Traybake

Here’s a yummy recipe made with tigernut flour (although it’s not actually a nut!)

cake 5

Click on link below to found out how nutritious tigernuts are and it includes a recipe for a nut free milk.


This is what I call the full fat version, but I may have a go next time using coconut oil instead of butter and less sugar, and of course you don’t need to use organic ingredients, I just try to where I can.🙂


115g – Organic Butter

140g – Organic Raw cane or Coconut Palm Sugar

2 Organic Eggs

160g – Tigernut flour

50g – Organic Dark chocolate chopped into small pieces (healthier than choc chips)

1/2 tsp himalayan salt

1/2 tsp baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)

1 tsp vanilla essence


Heat oven to 175c (170c for fan)

Cream butter and sugar together

Add eggs and vanilla essence

Add sieved flour, salt and baking soda and fold in

Fold in chocolate pieces

cake 1

Put into lined square tray (about 8″ x 8″)

cake 2

Bake for about 20-25 minutes

cake 3

Leave to cool then cut into squares.

cake 4cake 5

And enjoy………

My Granddaughter certainly did…….

Lily and cake 1

Be well,  Kim

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How many harmful chemicals are in your kitchen?

So, are the chemicals you use in the kitchen and around your home harmful?

There’s lots of information around nowadays on the internet and elsewhere about the potential harm to our health from too many chemicals. People who are not convinced are quick to point out that they have been using X, Y or Z products for years and they have never experienced any ill effects. Also they are confident “the authorities” would not allow anything harmful to be sold before it had been thoroughly tested for safety.
To a degree both these points are true – your favourite spray bottle of “Whizzy Bang” or whatever its called is probably not going to do you, the kids or the pets any serious harm when you inhale and absorb the fine mist over-spray wafting around your kitchen.

poison kitchen

Research has shown that many people apply up to 100 different chemicals to their skin every day and that the average home contains up to 250 different cleaning chemicals, in various bottles and tubs.

While we know how many chemicals are around, little research has been done into how all these chemicals react together when absorbed into the human body, I’m no scientist, but common sense tells me that this modern “Chemical Cocktail” cannot be good for anyone’s long term health.

We are all constantly exposed to chemicals in the air we breathe. Many come from pollutants such as vehicle exhaust fumes and from the materials used to make furniture and even buildings.There is little we can do about these contributions to the overall “Chemical Cocktail”!

What you can do – is reduce your overall exposure to potentially harmful chemicals by switching over to the alternatives based on more natural ingredients. In other words, where you have control i.e. within your own home, make changes starting today.

This is where the Eco Warehouse can help you – around 1000 different products easily accessible to purchase on line at the click of your mouse button and at very affordable prices. Free shipping & interest free credit is also available.

Take a look today –

Be well,  Kim

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Is Cost the Reason You Don’t Switch to Greener Products?

There are many reasons why eco-friendly products can be more expensive. Sales volumes are smaller than conventional products therefore overheads higher. This was certainly true in the early days but as green products have become more popular prices continue to come down.


A very underhand reason for higher prices is that manufacturers and suppliers have used the “green label” as an excuse to hike the price and make bigger profits. This I think more than anything has put people off because they don’t want to pay for something green that performs less well than conventional products. And quite rightly so!

If you are reading this the question you will want answered is whether it is possible to switch to greener alternatives without paying a lot more. The answer is yes with one minor caveat – greener products will probably never be cheap as supermarket economy brands but if you care about your health and the well-being of the planet do your really want to be using that sort of stuff?
You could shop around on-line to find products that compare very well with brands like Mr Muscle and Cillit Bang etc. They will also be hugely better for your health. However do you want to spent valuable time trawling the web for the best prices?

cleaning sprays

The simple solution is to join an online “buying club” like Wikaniko – (We Can Eco)  All the checks on the products quality and green credential are done for you.

And because Wikaniko can buy in bulk, prices are much better than you will find in most specialist shops. And if that wasnt a good enough reason to take a look – well they deliver straight to your door too!

Check them out for yourself at the UK’s biggest online eco friendly store by clicking

Be well,  Kim

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Cotton Wool Isn’t as Pure as it Looks..

Cotton Wool Isn’t as Pure as it Looks..

Or why the products you use on yourself & your baby may not be as good as they could be.


When you think of cotton, you tend to think of white, clean, fluffy and pure. It may then surprise you to learn that the humble cotton plant uses more pesticides per plant than almost any other plant in the world. In fact 22% of all insecticides and 20% of all pesticides in the world are used in cotton growing. This causes problems to the local environment to where the cotton is grown, killing off good bugs and plants as well as the bad, causing an ecological imbalance.

Moreover they are extremely dangerous to people. In fact, around 25,000 deaths a year are supposedly caused as a result of working with these chemicals! A lot of the pesticides used are (or contain) ingredients that were originally developed in WWII as nerve gases.

Many of these chemicals stay in the cotton fibre until you use it, and so you could literally be wiping these harmful chemicals on yourself or your family.


You want your baby to have the best start in life and  be healthy and happy so why use products that contain harmful chemicals that can be absorbed by your baby’s skin?  60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed. So doesn’t it make sense to use the most gentle and natural products available?

Why not investigate our 100% organic cotton wool and the good it can do your loved ones and the environment?

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cotton balls 1

We have cotton wool balls, pleats, buds and pads available.

Be well,  Kim

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